New baby. . . Er. . . Not mine though

Technology these days. Wild stuff. So, my bro and his wife just had a baby Monday night. Apparently she was in labor for like a week (talk about marathon! whew!) and I was able to be up on all the details. For three days, I got this series of text messages on my phone:

Having contractions.
Probaby going to hospital in next hour.
She got a bracelet.
She's asleep and last we heard about 2cm
Dialation 3. Broke water.
She is at 4cm. Has epideral and patosin
6cm dialated
9cm. The fam is going to the hospital
Announcing the arrival of baby girl. Finally!

The next morning, I got two beautiful shots of a newborn baby. Even though it wasn't as cool as being able to hold her (she's 13 hours away from me), it was important to be up on the dialation numbers and know exactly when she got her patosin. I mean, who doesn't want to know when someone gets patosin?

I'll make sure and post it on my blog when I finally get my patosin.

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