New Freelance

I was recently asked to do some artwork for a Children's religious magazine called "The Friend". They wanted me to do some paintings of eight religious heroes. I know, there are no striped socks and googly eyes but hey, I went to Disneyland with the money!



Dillon told me I had to post today's model. . . So here she is.

No, I don't do everything Dillon tells me. Shut up.


Book covers

In lieu of doing some creative stuff for myself, I've been doing some book covers. Here are the two recent ones. Be nice, I did them each in a matter of hours.

I have nothing clever to say because I'm eating Wheat Thins. It's a known fact that Wheat Thins not only suck the moisture out of your mouth but the cleverness from your head.
You may know the models. . . The ladies are two of my sisters and the men are a couple of my very hot friends.
The end.


Back in the day

So, back when I was a student, I'd do small paintings of circus characters and I just wanted to see if I could do a similar painting on the computer instead of oil. So, I came up with these guys.

Um. So yeah. Here.


For your reading enjoyment

Because this blog has become more of a portfolio blog with my artwork, I've decided to start another that has my random thoughts and the cheesy photos of Hollywood hotties that I did back from 2000 to 2003. It can be found here. There's also a link to it conveniently placed to the right. . . I know, I am so charitable.

Bear in mind that the random thoughts on that blog are the thoughts of a single woman in her thirties. . . . That's my only disclaimer. Hope you like it!


A little FYI.

So, I know . . . You've gotten used to seeing illustrations from me on the site. . . Well, I'm sorry. I have other things to do like fix my hair (I have a gray patch I've got to hide), walk my dog, eat stuff, and perform. This weekend, I performed in the "Guys versus Girls" show at ComedySportz here in Provo. I always know it's a good night of shows when I walk away with bruises. I have absoluetly no idea where they came from but my knees look like those of a seven year old girl.

Anyway, I'm the player of the month for Feb and thought I'd give you a link because I'm nice like that.


Another work assignment thingamajigger.

Has anyone actually spelled out thingamajigger? And if so, did I spell it right? Who do I ask for this kind of thing? And what if the word is copyrighted? Am I infringing? This is so stressful.

Anyway, here she is. . . The Snow Queen. I like Mucha. I also like Cate Blanchett. I pretty much hate snow though. I obviously live in the wrong place. Don't get me wrong, Utah is great and looks like a postcard. I just would rather be on a postcard that says "Sunny Malibu - Wish you were here". Especially now that I've drawn like 50 snowflakes. Stupid snowflakes.