Christmas in September

You know how sometimes you get in moods where you’re really into something in particular? My roommate said that during one summer, she had peanut butter sandwiches every day. I don’t think she even really eats peanut butter. Once, I wore “Nightmare Before Christmas” clothes all week because I could. One time I was itching to sew something so I made a six foot by six foot bean bag chair out of old jeans. It’s pretty durable, and has plenty of pockets for remotes and dog treats. Sometimes I get a wild hair and want to go to the gym. Yeah. That doesn’t happen as much as it should.

I’ve been in a Christmas mood all week. I can’t explain it. . . I mean, I don’t want to forget Halloween, I love Halloween! I’m all about costumes and candy. Any time you can wear pleather, black fake nails, bite marks, and a wig and still be accepted in respectable society is a wonderful thing. Besides, we have some stellar Halloween decorations. And Thanksgiving? Sitting around the house, eating olives and pickles off the relish tray while watching the Macy’s day parade in your pajamas and waiting for the turkey? Hello, nothing beats that. But I just have been all about the Christmas recently.

I have well over a day’s worth of Christmas music on my iTunes and have been enjoying that. I went to Blockbuster on Tuesday and rented several Christmas flicks for the week (the Blockbuster employee that helped me out had quite the odd expression on her face when I walked out with a stack of Holiday movies but when I wished her a Merry Christmas upon leaving, she smiled). I’ve even been working on some illustrations for my holiday cards. I’ll post one when I finish. I hope this mood goes away . . . But just for a month or 2. . . They’re not even selling eggnog yet. Mmm. Eggnog.


Some Figure Stuff

So here's a small collection of some of my figure drawings and paintings. . . I guess since I teach a figure drawing class, my students should be able to check out my skills. Sorry these are older, I just haven't really put new stuff in digital form yet and knowing my laziness, that's not likely to happen too soon.

Bu Bah. This is the sound of setteling

I used to write emails to over a hundred ladies every day, chronicles of the life of me. . . The dating fiascos, bizzarre experiences, embarrassing moments, and events in my life. They were called "Card Thoughts". But I've stopped doing the "card thought" emails because of lack of time. . . Sorry.

Well, I've learned that our company wants us to have blogs to post our artwork and stuff so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone. So, here you go, another episode in the "single in her thirties" chapter of Casey's life.

So, yesterday I went to lunch with two of the married guys at work to the Gateway shopping center where we got a table outside for some prime people watching. We saw a half naked, mostly pierced man carrying a baby in a light blue flowered front-pack; A flock of girls with two toned hair; a couple where the man was wearing a towel on his head coverd by a hat from the foreign legion, and a reflective construction vest. He was pushing his lovely wife whose hat had a bird, two trumpets and a lopsided boquet perched on top.

As we were laughing about them, an Adonis-like man walked by. He was beautiful. As I watched him pass us, I suddenly realized I knew him. He was a friend of mine several years ago and we just haven't kept in touch. I called his name and he came over. We talked for a bit, reminiscing about the old times, and catching up on each other's lives. I was dying because he looked fantastic in his tailored suit and fancy tie and I was wearing a Tshirt with "Nightmare Before Christmas's" Sally saying something like "I dig pale scrawney guys", a vintage zip up sweatshirt thing, jeans and red sneakers. I think I had spent all of 2 minutes on my hair. Anyway, we talked for a while and agreed to do lunch sometime in the near future and he took off.

My friends looked at me with that "we've seen that look before, Casey. . . You dig the guy" look that married people give their single friends. So, I explained that if ever there's a hot guy around, chances are, he's a friend of mine and that my role in life is to be the friend of any attractive man I know. Well, I stood up to refill my soda when i noticed a group of more attractive men in the back of the restaurant. Suddenly I recognized one. He was a guy I had a total crush on like 10 years ago. . . You can't blame me, the guy looks like Billy from "Melrose Place". So, as I passed, I stopped and asked if his name was Steve. It was and he recognized me.

We spent a few seconds catching up and then he introduced me to his equally beautiful partners in his graphic design firm. Apparently, they're doing very well, winning awards and scoring some impressive clientele. I talked with the table of Ken dolls, Steve asked me for my number because he remembered that I'm an illustrator ,and then I left to reload the Diet Coke.

I sat down with my friends mortified. I had just seen two of the most handsome men I've ever known and I looked like Punky Brewster. Typical.


Little help for the ladies.

So, in search of Mr. Right, I have some to some conclusions that I feel are pretty accurate. There is no "Mr. Right". There are "Mr. Rights for Her" and "Mr. Right Now" but the mysterious "Mr. Right" to whom I am eluding to is as evasive as a snipe in those snipe hunts we were made to participate in back in girl's camp. I've not given up hope at all; don't get me wrong. I have just revised my strategy. Here are my new guidelines, you may adopt any you please.

1. Do not look for a man on a white stallion wielding a sword and shield- Stallions poop all over the place, the shield gets in the way and men with any type of blade are like little boys with fire. They'll play with it until they're hurt or have wreaked havoc around camp. Maybe they'll poke their eyes out.

2. Do not go into the law library of your local campus to find an intellect- the only men there are ones doing the same, looking for a girl who'll support them so they can play video games all day and eat corn dogs.

3. Never walk down the frozen foods aisle when men are there- In talking with several men, I've discovered that many hang out there, pathetically looking at frozen pizzas in hopes that one of us sweet women will offer to cook them something home-made. Yeah. . . I'm not kidding.

4. Do not go into Banana Republic in hopes of finding good dresser- Men there are either more interested in your brother or are too high maintenance. You may run into the same problems at the Gap but have a higher chance at finding a normal man at Old Navy. I've had several female friends teach their man to dress with amazing results . . . Men don't always know these things.

5. Look for someone who makes you laugh- a funny guy becomes better looking with time. Good lookers who can do nothing but look good should be placed on a mantel and dusted occasionally.

6. You're quirky, look for someone who'll accept that- we're nowhere near perfection, why should we be looking for that? I'm just excited when he remembers to wash his hands and zip up his fly.

7. Don't mope- who wants to marry someone who sits at home and does nothing but feel sorry for themselves? Go out! Target is always having great sales!

8. Go camping. Guys like girls that camp. They also like girls that don't wig out when they spill something. But don't spill on purpose. That's weird.