Quick witches

Well, here are a couple more witches. . . I dunno if I'd call them done, or even good for that matter. . . But they're here. Enjoy.


More October goodness

So, work has given us the assignment of "Woggle of Witches". . . Could I be any happier? I submit that I cannot! Here's one of my witches. . . My goal was not to use green. . . I've used a lot of green in my art recently and just wanted to see if I could not do it. Here it is, greenless.


Well hello there October.

I love October. The leaves are changing, soup is the "it" lunch, I'm not sweating upon leaving the house, and my fall ensembles are fabulous. . . Although right now, I'm wearing something that should have been in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". Oh well, bless my beautiful hide I suppose. October also provides the opportunity to dress as pirates and witches while I draw monsters, mummies, cauldrons, and spiderwebs without other people accusing me of being all crazy goth and stuff. . . Not that there's anything wrong with the goth movement. It's done wonders for Robert Smith and Souixie. Seriously, some people just look fabulous in black fishnet gloves with matching skirts and eyeliner. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an aversion to the sun or who feels they have a personal relationship with Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is great. . . Love his stuff. Love Robert Smith and Souixie too. .. But, I also love green, Disneyland, daisies, and puppies. So I can't be goth. I think they have and anti-puppy clause or something. So, here's my nod to October 2007. May it be a fabulous month; full of pirates, Poe, puppies, and a boyfriend.

Shoot, that ruined my alliteration.