A little FYI.

So, I know . . . You've gotten used to seeing illustrations from me on the site. . . Well, I'm sorry. I have other things to do like fix my hair (I have a gray patch I've got to hide), walk my dog, eat stuff, and perform. This weekend, I performed in the "Guys versus Girls" show at ComedySportz here in Provo. I always know it's a good night of shows when I walk away with bruises. I have absoluetly no idea where they came from but my knees look like those of a seven year old girl.

Anyway, I'm the player of the month for Feb and thought I'd give you a link because I'm nice like that.


Another work assignment thingamajigger.

Has anyone actually spelled out thingamajigger? And if so, did I spell it right? Who do I ask for this kind of thing? And what if the word is copyrighted? Am I infringing? This is so stressful.

Anyway, here she is. . . The Snow Queen. I like Mucha. I also like Cate Blanchett. I pretty much hate snow though. I obviously live in the wrong place. Don't get me wrong, Utah is great and looks like a postcard. I just would rather be on a postcard that says "Sunny Malibu - Wish you were here". Especially now that I've drawn like 50 snowflakes. Stupid snowflakes.