A cheesy assignment

So, our office blog assignment was to do bad science fiction art. Really not my bag. . . At all. Not even a bit. Completely bagless actually. But, I rose to the occassion and did a fairy. But in order to make her bad fantasy, I had to do a few cliches and make her blue, have a short hairdo, no pupils, and cry. I don't get the crying thing, but I saw it in several bad pieces I found when looking for examples of sci fi and fantasy art.

Alas, the cheese factor was becoming a bit too overwhelming so I added a couple skulls to balance it out. Didn't work though. It's still cheesy.


The Boy Who Ate America

Alright ladies and gents. . . Here's the cover of my book, "The Boy Who Ate America". . . in stores now! Go and get one! Seriously! I mean it. . . Shoo!

Why are you still reading this? Go get a book so I can make money and take a trip. Get outta here.