I thought I'd support my point of view with actual photo reference.
This Tuesday, during one of our breaks in my figure drawing class we started talking about things we find attractive. We didn't even go to the whole "I like butts" thing. I have to maintain some level of respectability there, I'm a college teacher.

Yeah right, like I've ever concerned myself with that before.

But the women came to a decision. We've decided that men's eye wrinkles are the hottest thing. It's true. I came to that conclusion back when I was 23. I was talking to a 27 year old friend of mine who was playing his guitar. Apparently I was funny because he started laughing. When he laughed, I watched his eyes and it was like the clouds parted and the sunlight came through my living room ceiling and rested on his shoulders, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang one of those pretty chordy note thingies they do so well, and the air filled with the smell of fresh bread.

In my studies, I've learned that men start developing these eye wrinkles (also described as laugh lines) around the age of 26. So, all you men out there- keep smiling. It's hot.


Gruntor said...

Are you talking about crows feet?

Casey said...

yes. Grrr.