Mix your Comics?! I'm aghast.

I was hanging out at Target yesterday (because that's the place to hang out when you have a cold and you feel like your lungs have been filled to capacity) and wandered by the Halloween section of the store. I guess you could say I gravitated there. I do that. Halloween, Christmas, cheescake, and shoe sales all make me do that. As I was perusing the aisles of plastic pumpkins and face paint, I heard one of the most awesome yet pathetic things I think I've ever witnessed.

I heard a man's voice say "You can't be Spiderman and carry around Batman! One's DC and the other is Marvel!" When I turned the corner, I saw a little boy around the age of four holding a Batman trick-or-treat pail looking confused at his father. It was all I had to maintain my cool. I picked up a stray Christmas stocking and turned around.

Poor kid. He's going to grow up knowing all of the alias names for the X-Men and the genetic makeup of the members of the Fantastic Four but will never learn how to have a conversation with a girl.

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Ape Lad said...

Hey now, I resemble that remark! Although my sons are pretty likely to play with Mr. Miracle right alongside War Machine. I don't mind.
And girls are yucky anyway, or so I am told.