Book covers

In lieu of doing some creative stuff for myself, I've been doing some book covers. Here are the two recent ones. Be nice, I did them each in a matter of hours.

I have nothing clever to say because I'm eating Wheat Thins. It's a known fact that Wheat Thins not only suck the moisture out of your mouth but the cleverness from your head.
You may know the models. . . The ladies are two of my sisters and the men are a couple of my very hot friends.
The end.


M. Paul Bailey said...

I have just one critique. It's my strong belief that every book cover should have at least one person dressed as a Russian cosmonaut. Therefore, I find both covers lacking.

Anonymous said...

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Anna Buttimore said...

Casey, the top one is for my book, Easterfield. I love it! Can't believe I waited this long to tell you that. Well done - you are so talented, especially if you did it in just a couple of hours.