Camping, a random thought.

Have you ever gone camping with a large group of single people? It's entertaining and nervousing. (Verb: the act of making one hesitant, high-strung or fretful, causing their palms to sweat and t-shirts to moisten at the armpit).

The entertainment factor is obvious. Some people go to bed right after s'mores so that leaves everyone else at the campfire at 2 am. There's more entertainment than an episode of Seinfield (gasp! sacrilege), especially after a few hours of sitting on logs around the flames. You get the ones that are funny performing and the ones who think they're funny trying to one-up them. There are the people who can play the guitar and everyone waxes nostalgic while singing "More Than Words" while trying to squelch the people who want to sing emotional Joan Biaz stuff and hold hands. There are the ones who strangely disappear for an hour and then reappear with slurpees and silly string (hah, you thought I was going to say something else, didn't you?) These bonfire moments are excellent as you always have a couple hook up, you make at least 2 new great friends (although the morning daylight makes everyone look completely different and you don't remember who you told about your secret crush), and you get to find out who actually saw the movie "Caveman" with Ringo Starr.

Then there's the whole waking up thing and laughing at everyone else in the morning (that is, if you ever got to sleep in the first place). That takes us to the nervousing part. How do you pack for a thing like this? I mean, the jeans, not pretty shoes, and sweatshirt are a given, but does a girl bring make-up? I tell you what; I am nasty-on-a-stick in the morning and the whole natural, no make-up thing? Yeah, right. Does the name Freddy Krueger mean anything to you? There's always a person who forgets their toothbrush, it's a given . . . What if it's me? And worse yet- what if I'm stuck sitting next to the guy who forgets his deodorant, hasn't changed clothes since the previous morning and is sporting the infamous B.O./campfire eau de toilette? Do I use that old "goodness, smoke must follow beauty and it's getting in my eyes" excuse and move my folding chair? And what if he's the guy who wants to hook up with someone the night before around the fire? Poor unsuspecting new girl to the group, we forgot to warn her. She's toast.


S.T. Lewis said...

I saw "Caveman" with Ringo Starr... I fell asleep, but on the drive home he told me it was pretty good. I'll have to see it again sometime... maybe with Paul.

Gruntor said...

I met my wife at a camp out like this. She thought I was weird because I was eating pineapple out of a can with chopsticks. I saw her the next day at a dance club and I tried to talk to her and she pulled a classic dance club evasive maneuver on me.

Nathan Lindsay said...

I saw that movie and in reference to your campfire story, I admit I thought you were going to write the words "zug-zug" instead of slurpies and silly string. I don't know if its one word or two, but I seem to remember that it was a verb as well.