Water Slide

I quickly did this piece this summer for a church group party at a water park.
I bet you wish you went!


More Books

I was asked to continue a series of books in the style of Jerry Harston, the original illustrator, who has since passed. These books were a set of "My First" books for Deseret Book, publisher for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I continued the series with "My First Book of Prophets" and "My First Book of Temples".

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things

Here is a recent book cover I illustrated for a new series of books.

The Big Fib

I realized I haven't put up many illustrations from projects I've done in the past.  Here is the cover and pages from "The Big Fib".


Meeting notes

Apparently, I like drawing zombies. . . but then again it IS Halloween!



Home From a Day of Brains

Here's a quick zombie drawing.  I dunno why, but I think businessmen make the best zombies. 


Lady in Red

Here's a recent update on an earlier monster drawing.  Mrs. Frankenstein's hair is a thing of beauty.


Yellow Peril

So excited to have a chance to be artistic again.  Here's a quick painting of Hayley Mills in Disney's Summer Magic. 


Dinner Groups!

Here's another Dinner Group poster I did.  I wanted to do a comic book feel for this one. Um, that's all for now.


Unicorn City

Here's a drawing I did of my friend Matt, who was in Unicorn City.


I know it's been a while. . .

Here's a poster I made for an event. The characters may be familiar.


Beauty and the Beast

Here's another work blog assignment. And I colored it.

Beauty and the beast are ready to patrol the castle. That's why they're not dirty. She always washes her dress before a fight. It's shrunk from so many washings.


One More Twilight thingy. I couldn't resist

I'm totally guessing with the logo for Fork's Hospital, but I figured with a vampire doctor, this one seemed rather fitting.


Now, what's the appeal of this?

So our work blog is doing the "Twilight" series assignment for the artists. Personally, I'm really creeped out that "Sharkboy" is now a hottie angsty werewolf in a bizarre love triangle involving an angsty vampire and angsty teenage girl. So, what's so great about her that everyone in town is in love with her? I don't get it. Then again, I don't want to. All I know is that I felt like a dirty old woman looking up photos of this kid to do this pic. Seriously, doesn't he wear clothes anymore? Lavagirl would not approve.


A Monster collection

So I'm making a collection of giant monsters, between five and seven feet tall. Here's a smaller version of them. If you like any of them, go to http://www.zazzle.com/caseyshane/gifts and pick up a shirt or a mug or something!


Disney X-Men Women

So Disney bought Marvel for lots of cashes. .. I thought I'd celebrate by drawing the ladies of the X-Men in true Disney fashion.



So, I feel like a slacker so I thought I'd try and least do one a month on here so I'm not so loser-y. Here's January's (I know the month is almost over.)


New Freelance

I was recently asked to do some artwork for a Children's religious magazine called "The Friend". They wanted me to do some paintings of eight religious heroes. I know, there are no striped socks and googly eyes but hey, I went to Disneyland with the money!



Dillon told me I had to post today's model. . . So here she is.

No, I don't do everything Dillon tells me. Shut up.


Book covers

In lieu of doing some creative stuff for myself, I've been doing some book covers. Here are the two recent ones. Be nice, I did them each in a matter of hours.

I have nothing clever to say because I'm eating Wheat Thins. It's a known fact that Wheat Thins not only suck the moisture out of your mouth but the cleverness from your head.
You may know the models. . . The ladies are two of my sisters and the men are a couple of my very hot friends.
The end.


Back in the day

So, back when I was a student, I'd do small paintings of circus characters and I just wanted to see if I could do a similar painting on the computer instead of oil. So, I came up with these guys.

Um. So yeah. Here.


For your reading enjoyment

Because this blog has become more of a portfolio blog with my artwork, I've decided to start another that has my random thoughts and the cheesy photos of Hollywood hotties that I did back from 2000 to 2003. It can be found here. There's also a link to it conveniently placed to the right. . . I know, I am so charitable.

Bear in mind that the random thoughts on that blog are the thoughts of a single woman in her thirties. . . . That's my only disclaimer. Hope you like it!


A little FYI.

So, I know . . . You've gotten used to seeing illustrations from me on the site. . . Well, I'm sorry. I have other things to do like fix my hair (I have a gray patch I've got to hide), walk my dog, eat stuff, and perform. This weekend, I performed in the "Guys versus Girls" show at ComedySportz here in Provo. I always know it's a good night of shows when I walk away with bruises. I have absoluetly no idea where they came from but my knees look like those of a seven year old girl.

Anyway, I'm the player of the month for Feb and thought I'd give you a link because I'm nice like that.


Another work assignment thingamajigger.

Has anyone actually spelled out thingamajigger? And if so, did I spell it right? Who do I ask for this kind of thing? And what if the word is copyrighted? Am I infringing? This is so stressful.

Anyway, here she is. . . The Snow Queen. I like Mucha. I also like Cate Blanchett. I pretty much hate snow though. I obviously live in the wrong place. Don't get me wrong, Utah is great and looks like a postcard. I just would rather be on a postcard that says "Sunny Malibu - Wish you were here". Especially now that I've drawn like 50 snowflakes. Stupid snowflakes.


My art that looks like someone else's

We've been challenged to try and copy another artist's style in order to help us stretch our own. I went for Brianne Drouhard. . . She's kind of anime, and I'm not really an anime-er. . . so, here's my attempt. Um. .. It's a squirrel. . . Who can do karate. . . and small motor skills.


Quick witches

Well, here are a couple more witches. . . I dunno if I'd call them done, or even good for that matter. . . But they're here. Enjoy.


More October goodness

So, work has given us the assignment of "Woggle of Witches". . . Could I be any happier? I submit that I cannot! Here's one of my witches. . . My goal was not to use green. . . I've used a lot of green in my art recently and just wanted to see if I could not do it. Here it is, greenless.


Well hello there October.

I love October. The leaves are changing, soup is the "it" lunch, I'm not sweating upon leaving the house, and my fall ensembles are fabulous. . . Although right now, I'm wearing something that should have been in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". Oh well, bless my beautiful hide I suppose. October also provides the opportunity to dress as pirates and witches while I draw monsters, mummies, cauldrons, and spiderwebs without other people accusing me of being all crazy goth and stuff. . . Not that there's anything wrong with the goth movement. It's done wonders for Robert Smith and Souixie. Seriously, some people just look fabulous in black fishnet gloves with matching skirts and eyeliner. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an aversion to the sun or who feels they have a personal relationship with Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is great. . . Love his stuff. Love Robert Smith and Souixie too. .. But, I also love green, Disneyland, daisies, and puppies. So I can't be goth. I think they have and anti-puppy clause or something. So, here's my nod to October 2007. May it be a fabulous month; full of pirates, Poe, puppies, and a boyfriend.

Shoot, that ruined my alliteration.


A cheesy assignment

So, our office blog assignment was to do bad science fiction art. Really not my bag. . . At all. Not even a bit. Completely bagless actually. But, I rose to the occassion and did a fairy. But in order to make her bad fantasy, I had to do a few cliches and make her blue, have a short hairdo, no pupils, and cry. I don't get the crying thing, but I saw it in several bad pieces I found when looking for examples of sci fi and fantasy art.

Alas, the cheese factor was becoming a bit too overwhelming so I added a couple skulls to balance it out. Didn't work though. It's still cheesy.


The Boy Who Ate America

Alright ladies and gents. . . Here's the cover of my book, "The Boy Who Ate America". . . in stores now! Go and get one! Seriously! I mean it. . . Shoo!

Why are you still reading this? Go get a book so I can make money and take a trip. Get outta here.


Midichlorian halos

So, this is another piece for the office blog. Seems like I haven't had too much time to do some bloggin' but there's a good excuse. . . or two. I've got a children's book coming out in Sept. Keep a weathered eye out for it. It's called "The Boy Who Ate America". It's written by a friend of mine, Nathan Smith Jones and I illustrated it. Anyway, here's the holy family of Star wars. Tender, I know.



So, here's a portrait of a friend. Anytime you can make a dimple blue is a good time.


Juicy superhero

So, I'm supposed to attach this to the Avalanche blog but for some reason I can't. . . So here, at least my own blog loves me.

Here's my blue collar superhero, the man that adds a dash of protein and energy to your morning smoothie. Look in the sky for the Juicer.


80s party grand champion of the world! Oh yeah.

This weekend, I went to a 70s-80s party with a group of friends. You know, the best (or if you're from Utah, the "funnest") part of those kinds of parties is the getting ready part. My friends and I went to various stores and picked up some treasures from the 80s. Then I went home and put on some 80s movies while I made my lace and mesh tutu skirt and my roommate's skinny tie. Ah, they don't make movies like "Weekend at Bernies" or "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" anymore.

Well, we went to the party where there were various levels of dressing up, there were some impressive hairdos and pegged pants. I even saw a Cosby sweater. the sad part of the party was the realization that many people were wearing the same hairdo that they wear all the time, and their own clothes in their closets. . . They haven't changed since the 80s. Sad for them. Oh well.
My friends came as Madonna and Robert Smith. I came as a marriage of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper with a dash of Tiffany and a little Pretty in Pink thrown in. I just wore what made me happy and at the moment, a Debbie Harry T-shirt and pink hair made me very happy. I even bought Primo, the perfume I wore in 7th grade to the dance. (A little side note on Primo; at first it's fun because you're all waxing nostalgic but then the fumes give you a massive headache).

Although we had fun dancing to cheesy music, I was pretty upset that they didn't play any Depeche Mode, Erasure, the Cure, Smiths. . . Or any of the other tunes I actually listened to back then. All in all, it was successful. We had fun, and I won a lava lamp for the best costume there. Funny thing is, I'll be wearing 95% of the stuff I wore then in my regular day to day ensembles. I don't know if that's funny or sad that I've now lived through a style cycle and what I wore in 7th grade is now hip again.

I just said "hip".


Man, you'd think I'd finish something. . . Sheesh

Here's yet another unfinished hero by Casey. Obviously, I've been affected by all of the Tak and the Power of Juju work I did with work for 3 years but here ya go, another knight. He has good hair though, no one can sport a mullet like a knight with an earring . . . Or Billy Ray Cyrus. You know, he's on the Disney channel now (sans mullet though) and I'm not afraid to say that he's kinda hot in an "ex-country-mega-star-known-more-for-his-hair-than-his-music" kind of way. But I digress. I like knights. I also like cheese.


Camping, a random thought.

Have you ever gone camping with a large group of single people? It's entertaining and nervousing. (Verb: the act of making one hesitant, high-strung or fretful, causing their palms to sweat and t-shirts to moisten at the armpit).

The entertainment factor is obvious. Some people go to bed right after s'mores so that leaves everyone else at the campfire at 2 am. There's more entertainment than an episode of Seinfield (gasp! sacrilege), especially after a few hours of sitting on logs around the flames. You get the ones that are funny performing and the ones who think they're funny trying to one-up them. There are the people who can play the guitar and everyone waxes nostalgic while singing "More Than Words" while trying to squelch the people who want to sing emotional Joan Biaz stuff and hold hands. There are the ones who strangely disappear for an hour and then reappear with slurpees and silly string (hah, you thought I was going to say something else, didn't you?) These bonfire moments are excellent as you always have a couple hook up, you make at least 2 new great friends (although the morning daylight makes everyone look completely different and you don't remember who you told about your secret crush), and you get to find out who actually saw the movie "Caveman" with Ringo Starr.

Then there's the whole waking up thing and laughing at everyone else in the morning (that is, if you ever got to sleep in the first place). That takes us to the nervousing part. How do you pack for a thing like this? I mean, the jeans, not pretty shoes, and sweatshirt are a given, but does a girl bring make-up? I tell you what; I am nasty-on-a-stick in the morning and the whole natural, no make-up thing? Yeah, right. Does the name Freddy Krueger mean anything to you? There's always a person who forgets their toothbrush, it's a given . . . What if it's me? And worse yet- what if I'm stuck sitting next to the guy who forgets his deodorant, hasn't changed clothes since the previous morning and is sporting the infamous B.O./campfire eau de toilette? Do I use that old "goodness, smoke must follow beauty and it's getting in my eyes" excuse and move my folding chair? And what if he's the guy who wants to hook up with someone the night before around the fire? Poor unsuspecting new girl to the group, we forgot to warn her. She's toast.


I wanted to be like everyone else.

Seems like all artists in the game industry have at least one knight. . . Here's my attempt. Although he has a sword, he still looks like he's about to serve you a frosty and some fries.