My friend asked me to draw a hobo so I did.


Ape Lad said...

There is one happy hobo!
Now here is what you do with this hobo:
1.choose a name for him from this list which is from John Hodgman's really funny book called the Areas of My Expertise.
2.join flickr (free!)and post him there.
3.join the group called 700 hoboes.
4.post it to aforementioned group.
5.repeat 375 times to keep up with me.
If this is too much to ask (and it probably is), maybe I could find a different way for it to be included in the pool. We got this whole meme goin on and who am I to exclude you from the fun?
Also, I added your link to my blog, including three exclamation points to stress the urgency of my apology for not doing so sooner.
I post to flickr more often than my blog.

Sam Nielson said...

I love hobos. Especially this one, though.

S.T. Lewis said...

I love the dogishness of this hobo... which isn't a word, but it means that he's like a dog. Nice angle on it too. Very cool, Casey.